Once upon a time I was just like YOU! Exhausted, stressed, unhappy with my skin, even more unhappy with my lifestyle... All of that changed about 4 years ago when I had one of those life changing circumstances we will get to later. Ever since, I have decided to take care of this ONE body that I was gifted. It's been so rewarding that I'm on a mission to help others do the same.

Im Ashley, and I help skin conscious babes achieve beautiful, no filter skin

I see you, doing a little background check...

There I was at 35, divorced, unhappy and needing a total change in my life.  My skin showed every emotion & bad decision that I had experienced. Stress. Anxiety. Lack of Nutrition. Dehydration.  My skin was in bad shape.  Skin being the LARGEST ORGAN shows everything that had happened and was currently happening for the whole world to see.  No fun!

You aren't alone, my story is probably similar to yours...

About ashley Torchia

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Fueled by pure curiosity I got my esthetician license and whipped my own skin into shape.  Learning about skin, and how deeply connected it is to environment, emotions, and nutrition I took that knowledge to feed my skin, mind and body what it needed and saw insane results.  That journey spawned a true passion to help others like myself and that is how Belljax was created. Now, I get to help you find success in your own skin journey.  Together we will get your skin where you want it so you can exude confidence and radiance once again. 

I had no idea how much my bad habits and lifestyle were affecting my skin.

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