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Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening- What is it?

[SEPTEMBER 2022 GIVEAWAY POST] What is Fibroblast Plasma? This is one of my most asked questions. Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is a Non-Invasive skin tightening and lifting procedure that is taking the beauty world by storm. The procedure can be used on any area of your body where you would like •fine lines erased, •wrinkles […]


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First Client as a Lash Artist

When you first start off lashing you never quite know how it’s going to go. The process itself seems simple. You slay your practice. You feel like you’re going to kill it. But then, but thennnn you have to have a REAL HUMAN sit in your chair. No more Sally the Mannequin Head. This is […]



My First Facial + Major Fear

Fear of having a facial is real. I should know…I was 36 before I had my first one. The fear of breakouts. The fear of having a bad reaction. The fear of wasting money on a seemingly frivolous service. Those were all things I worried about. How about you? Have you thought those things too? […]



Pre Appointment Checklist | Ombré Powder Brows

Eeek! You’re either Booked or thinking about booking your appointment to get your permanent Ombré Powder Brows. It is a happy, happy day for you! Think of all the time (and frustration) you’re going to save! Let’s first make sure we’ve gone through the CONTRAINDICATIONS LIST. The contraindications is is Anything (including a symptom or […]

What can you make as a lash artist


Make bank as a lash artist

Are you searching for real answers on how much you can make as a lash artist? Well, I’m here to get really real with you. Let’s run some quick numbers. Lash artist’s 2 main services will be a Full Set of Lashes or a FILL set of lashes. A Full set of lashes is the […]



3 Tips for Waking Up with Beautiful Skin

Are you wanting beautiful skin from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed? There is good news…It is totally possible! If you are wanting to wake up with beautiful skin you need to set the tone for the night BEFORE you head to bed. Here are my best tips for […]



Lash Serum | My Favorite Product

There aren’t a lot of products that get me excited but this is one I personally cannot live without.  I LOVE the Borboleta, Lash Serum.  I use it one time a day after I have washed my lashes.  It takes all of 2 seconds to apply and you’re ready to go. What does it do? […]



Before You Book- Lash Edition

Thinking about pressing that book button? Well, you might want to read this before you do it just to get those questions answered. It is so exciting when you dive into looking into getting your lashes done.  You’re ready to look fresh when you walk out of the salon doors and excited for your confidence […]


The Beauty Website Class


Effective, intentional websites can do more then just collect dust on the internet for your beauty business.  They can be Powerhouse machines that bring you new leads every single day!  Take this FREE 25 minute training to get your wheels turning and get that website up and running full steam ahead.  See you inside!

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Are you finally wanting to get a website?

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