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Before You Book-What you want to know

August 12, 2020

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Thinking about pressing that book button?

Well, you might want to read this before you do it just to get those questions answered.

It is so exciting when you dive into looking into getting your lashes done.  You’re ready to look fresh when you walk out of the salon doors and excited for your confidence to skyrocket.  But, there is some stuff you should know.  Let’s talk about that.

The first thing we should touch upon is the service itself-it is a luxury service so this means once you get a full set (your first appointment) you will be required to get subsequent maintenance appointments there afterward to maintain the lash beauty and health of your natural lashes.   The maintenance appointments should be every 2 weeks.  Some clients push their appointments to 3 weeks but they run into risks such as


  • lashes looking sparse and unkept
  • natural lashes becoming too overgrown
  • needing a new full set put on costing the client double the money and time to get a new set put on
    • This happens because too many natural lashes can grow out

Caring For Lashes

The second thing we should talk about is caring for your lashes once you have them on.  Like natural lashes, your extensions should be washed NIGHTLY/DAILY! Not only will your lashes have better retention giving you a fuller look for longer but you will also prevent some nasty stuff that can give you

  • eye infections
  • heightened allergies
  • mites
  • infections that can affect your body

Now, this is all stuff that can happen without extensions on so you best be washing your face to avoid these pitfalls with or without lash extensions.  Wash Yo’ Lashes and your face (don’t forget those eyebrows!) for a beautiful flawless look.  As a professional who cares deeply about her clients this a must to be a client so you get the best service in South West Florida.

If you’re used to using oily products this will degrade the adhesive that is used to adhere the extensions to your natural lashes.  If you do not think you can avoid using these products or getting them in your eye area then you may want to save your money or know that you will require more fills that will cost you more money down the road.  I do have clients that come in weekly for mini fills so just be aware that you may need to do this if you are using oily products.  Examples of oily products can be moisturizers, face cleansers, sunscreens, and other beauty products.

No mascara should be worn with your lashes.  On OCCASION for BIG events I will put an OIL FREE mascara on my tips to really make a dramatic statement.  Rather than using mascara I suggest upgrading to a mega volume set for such an occasion and then going back to your normal set (or keep it -because girl you will look FIERCE).  Once you get home you must immediately wash it off.  Every time you do this you run the risk of retention and health of your lash set so ladies if you need this option make sure it is OILY FREE MASCARA only.

Aren’t you glad I told you all of this!?  I hope this didn’t scare you at all because wearing eyelash extension are the B.O.M.B but you have to be a bit responsible (like anything that costs you money).  My clients never regret getting them and I know you won’t either.  My goal here is to make sure my clients are always informed so they can make the best decision possible when it comes to the services they need as well as make their dollar go as far as possible.  The better you are at maintaining your lashes the healthier and longer your lashes will stay.  Any other big questions?  email me at or hit the contact button above



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