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First Client as a Lash Artist

August 29, 2022


When you first start off lashing you never quite know how it’s going to go. The process itself seems simple. You slay your practice. You feel like you’re going to kill it. But then, but thennnn you have to have a REAL HUMAN sit in your chair. No more Sally the Mannequin Head. This is a real person. A real person that needs to be able to 1) open their eyes and 2) like what they see when they open them. Insert holy $hit moment.

You took a class or maybe you’ve just youtubed the heck out of every free resource you can get your hands on. You practice and you start to gain confidence. You think, “I got this!” and then you set up your first model on your own. Are you terrified? Is it the first time holding tweezers by someones eye without anyone else to help you? Liquids by the eye are involved. What if you freaking glue this poor things eye closed!? OMG the horror!

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But you have dreams, goals, and a future you want to make happen so you decide its Now OR Never! You know how much you can make so you know that this is HUGE!

I’m going to spill how my first client went down…you ready?

My first client Experience

My first client was a family member. I was going for my first certification in classic. I was nervous. My hands shook. Lashing is a precision application skill so shaking hands just makes the job 10x harder. Getting proper posture and getting comfortable to get the right angles was hard. But I pressed on scared or not it was go time.

Do you want to know how long my first set took me?

It took me 6 hours. 6. Wanna know something else shocking? It was 6 hours for one eye!

I worked on one eye for 6 hours.

I was crushed. Embarrassed. And the experience was nothing like I thought it would be. I had spent so much money, to get that pitiful result. I felt like I was so ready. I was not expecting that outcome. Talk about being truly humbled.

I invited my model back the next day to finish her up.

It took me 4 hours for the other eye. Waaaait what!? Yep, 4 hours for one eye. That was 2 hours shaved off from the day before! I was elated! I was also very, very sore. But seeing that kind of progress from the day prior was so exciting and life giving. I focused on just 12 hours progress and it gave me the hope I needed to move forward.

My first volume class came months later and I was feeling great. Ready to level up and so ready to make more per client with volume pricing! I signed up for a class and the model portion was 3 hours.

Want to know how long it took for my first volume client?

So we had 3 hours set for the model portion and would you like to know how many fans I was able to successfully make and apply? 6 on each eye-12 all together LOL! Three hours and that was all I could do. I was thoroughly served another piece of humble pie.

After that class I kept working on my fans but it was clear I needed to invest in pro-made fans. I was over classics and I was ready to be the new best volume artist on the block.

Boy oh boy was I wrong. I wanted it soooo bad that I wanted to skip to me being fully booked without doing all the hard work it took to get there! I mean, who wouldn’t want that right? Just poof, take a class and be booked solid. That would be amazing. But in this highly skilled industry you must perfect your craft. You must put in the hours to become great. It’s just how it goes. I do apologize if someone lead you to believe different.

Both experiences taught me so much. Mainly managing my expectations but it also had some major wins too. I didn’t glue anyones eyes shut. I to this day have never had anyone open their eyes with red eyes due to my taping/vapors. And I learned that lashing isn’t so scary but it is a tedious skill that must be mastered before you can call yourself a big dog. You can’t fake your hours that you spend perfecting your craft. It will show in your work and in your progress.

You can’t watch a video on lashing and call it a day you need to be actively practicing and on humans. This is your quickest road to get up and running as an artist. This is my official kick in your pants to get your back in the grind of practicing for 30 minutes a day. If you want to practice longer, GREAT! But setting aside 30 minutes to work on fans or classic placement and direction is HUGE. All of that practice WILL pay off I promise you.

I share this because 1) I’m real, and do not hide the good, the bad, or the ugly from you. I’m here to share my experience as I experienced it on my journey to becoming a master lash artist 2) I want to show you that we all start somewhere. No one wakes up and does a volume set. The ones claiming to do this in the forums are lying. That perfect set was not their first set and they have deeper issues to figure out if they need to fake their progress for an online community of strangers. You’re going to struggle. You may even want to give up. But the numbers are on your side and totally worth the sweat and tears along the way…I promise!

What did you think about my timing? How did you compare? Anyone have higher numbers then I did? Share them in the comments below! I want to cheer you on for being so brave to be one of “THE REAL ONES” willing to grind through the hard to get to your dreams.

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