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Hi, I'm ashley

There aren’t a lot of products that get me excited but this is one I personally cannot live without.  I LOVE the Borboleta, Lash Serum.  I use it one time a day after I have washed my lashes.  It takes all of 2 seconds to apply and you’re ready to go.

What does it do?

This lash serum helps your natural lashes

  • Get stronger
  • Get longer
  • Get darker
  • Be more healthy

Why would we want this?

The lash serum works on nourishing your natural lashes whether you have extensions on them or not.  So anyone can use this product making it the perfect weapon in your beauty bag for the BEST lashes in town.  With this serum, you can

  • Wear thicker lash extension
  • Wear heavier lash extensions
  • Wear longer lash extensions
  • Achieve a look of fuller, longer lashes

Covid Lockdown of 2020

This serum saved me in the Covid Lockdown of 2020.  When my last extension fell off I was happy that I had the serum to help my lashes grow and thrive.  Once I got my lashes back on I was so happy to be able to have heavier lashes put on giving me a darker, fuller look that I had been wanting for years.  Now, I use this serum nightly.  My lashes continue to flourish and I am confident (knock on wood) that if another lockdown comes along I will rock natural lashes that I won’t loathe when I look in the mirror.  3 Cheers for that right!?

Premium Ingredients



    Conditions and nourishes for stronger lashes



    Swiss Apple extract for healthier lashes



    Fatty and amino acids give a more voluminous look

Need some for your arsenal?

Head to the Borboleta Shop by clicking the button below to check out more amazing stories and information on this secret lash weapon.

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  1. Katie says:

    Great information! I’m grabbing some now!

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