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Ready ditch the mascara for good?

Come experience the confident feeling you get from wearing a custom volume set of eyelash extensions.  It will blow your mind...You ready!?

With this service:

You Will Get:

+ custom designed set perfect for you and only you!

+ 90min appt. I will not try to squeeze you in to an hour appt! you deserve a quality set

+ the lightest lashes applied by a multi-certified artist to guarantee lash health

+ empowering confidence for world domination

want something like that?

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Consultation: We talk about your desires & map out your eye and face shape. This is where we come up with your perfect style set

How does this sound?

Relaxation: Now you get to lay back on our extremely comfy massage bed and close your eyes. This is where you drift off to sleep if you wish or jam out to a music genre of your choosing



clients get to enjoy:

Master Artist: Once you are settled I will properly wash your lashes and get to work constructing the perfect lash set that we agreed upon in our consultation. I will be using .02 lashes to make the volume fans, leaving your natural lashes happy and healthy.


Ending: Once your set has been beautifully applied I will allow a small 5 minute window for your lashes to fully cure and set. In this time you get pampered while enjoying a Borboleta Under Eye Cool Down pad to make those under eyes sing happy songs of joy


Yes, I want that!

Kind Words

Never in my life did I think I would care so much about lashes.  Now I can't live without them! Best decision I've ever made!

— Karyn: Volume lashes

I feel like a freaking queen every single visit.  Best naps & THERAPY Period.  

— Liz: Mega Volume Lashes

I love seeing the sanitizing measures Ashley takes to ensure her new suite is sanitary and safe to visit!

— Michelle: Mega Volume Lashes

I trained with the BEST of the BEST

Ashley is proud to put training at the top of her list of things that are important in her business.  Education is so very important to make sure clients are always receiving the best care, highest quality and the most top notch skills when their services are performed.  

Borboleta - Kickstart with Classic
Borboleta - Turn up the Volume
Borboleta - To the Max with Mega Volume
LashBox La - Mega Volume
Sugar Lash Pro - Classic
Sugar Lash Pro - Lash Lift
Lost Artistry - Styling

Introducing the top Service

Eyelash Extensions

Whether you are looking for light volume or dense full lashes I am confident we will find the perfect set for you!  It's time to experience what a licensed, Multi-Certified lash artist can do for your confidence.  You ready to ditch the mascara?

Yes, please

FIRST Appointment

Consultation and then application of volume full set of lashes
2.5-3 hours

Next Appointment(s)

2 weeks after full set you will need a Fill Set so lashes can be maintained. Repeat every 2-3 weeks.
1-1.5 hour(s)

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Investing in your Lashes

Full Set: $199 (Intro Pricing) - 2.5 to 3 hours
Fill Set: $85 - 1.5 hours

Fill Sets should be done every 2-3 weeks to maintain proper lash health.  If clients go past 3 weeks or come in with less then 30% of their lashes on then they will be required to get a full new set! 

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“Ashley worked with me and came up with the BEST lash set I have ever received!  I feel like a new woman!!” 

-Suzi: Volume lashes


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