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Please read the following information thoroughly.

Cosmetic Tattooing is considered a permanent procedure as you will not be able to wash your result off. However, your body will naturally metabolize the pigment slowly over the years. It generally lasts from 1-10 years, it can last even longer. Traces of pigment will always be present.

This procedure uses Micro Pigmentation.

The pigments are carefully selected to suit each individual skin tone. The choice of colors depends on your skin tone and the color of your hair and eyes. The tattoo is precisely placed into your skin, behind and between your existing hair to create an overall better/fuller eyebrow. The shape is drawn and measured during your consultation and tattooing will only begin once you have agreed that it is the shape you love.

Ombré Brow Tattooing with Ashley: $350 USD (unless specified as another price at the time of booking)

These prices include:

– A face to face consultation

– Face measurements and custom brow design

– Custom pigment color match

– Topical anesthetic

– Aftercare balm & instructions

-Touchup Appt 5-12 weeks after the initial appointment

You may require a touch-up appointment if your skin does not retain the pigment within 12 weeks.

Payment options are:

  • All Major Credit Cards

Pain level: The majority of clients experience little to no pain.

Preparing for your appointment: It is important that you refrain from using any skin/blood thinners (Vitamin A, Glycolic acids) on the brow area two weeks prior to your appointment.

Do not consume any alcohol, fish oil, caffeine, or take any blood thinners (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin) 48 hours before your procedure, this may cause excess bleeding and may affect your results.

We will not be able to tattoo over any blemishes, sores, or moles in or around the brow area.

Cosmetic Botox and fillers should be done two weeks prior to or two weeks after your appointment. You will not be able to receive a tattoo service if you are pregnant or planning on pregnancy. You will not be able to receive a tattoo service if you are prone to keloid scarring.

Post appointment aftercare: Just like any cosmetic procedure, the full healing process can take much longer than the initial healing process. The entire process can take up to six weeks.

The first ten days are crucial for the healing process and 90% of your result will depend on how well you look after them. You must clean your face with fragrance-free make-up wipes or a damp face washer. You cannot get your healing eyebrows (soaking) wet for the duration of the initial healing process (7-10 days). You must however keep your wound (brows) extremely clean. You can do so by gently wiping them daily with a fragrance-free make-up wipe or gently washing them with warm soapy water. If you choose to wash them with water please ensure you pat the area dry with a clean tissue immediately afterward to ensure the scab doesn’t fall off prematurely.

A tiny amount of your aftercare ointment needs to be applied daily (after the initial 48 hours).

You will be unable to exercise for the duration of the initial healing process. Exercising will promote sweating which will cause the pigment to push out of the skin leaving you with a patchy result.

You cannot be exposed to direct sunlight during this period. After 5-7 days post-procedure, exfoliation will begin to take place. The top layer of the skin will begin to peel off, leaving a softer, lighter color below. After this entire process is completed, you can return back to your normal routine.

If you are not committed to this healing period, this procedure is most likely not suited for you.

A $50 nonrefundable fee is required to make a booking. This is your booking fee.

Booking fees are strictly non-refundable/transferable.

Any changes must be made 2 days prior to your appointment or you will simply forfeit your booking fee, to rebook you will have to transfer a new booking fee. No appointments will be held tentatively, appointments will only be booked and confirmed once your payment has been received.

• You are under the age of 18
• Pregnant or nursing
• Diabetic
• Taking blood-thinning medication
• Botox 3-4 weeks prior
• Skin sensitivities/issues around the brow (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis)
• Going on a sunny vacation within 3 weeks after your desired appointment date.

Thank you

xo, Ashley

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